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The History of the Gosport Gang Show

This is the start of the re-editing of the Gosport Gang Show's history ...

... it will take a while = this is just the start

Hopefully it has not escaped your notice that this our 40th Gosport Gang Show. Any who are good at these things might have worked out that 1978 show and 39 others, should mean we reached this milestone in 2017. It was in 1995 however we, for various reasons, did not produce a ‘full’ show hence we had to wait one more year before we could faithfully celebrate becoming middle-aged.

More about the 1995 endeavour later, but for now we must start at the very beginning, a very good place to start.

No, we are not about to break into rendering of ‘Do re mi’, but few will know, let alone remember the very beginning. The true beginning was in fact eight years earlier, when in 1970 the Winchester Gang Show, was invited to perform a one-night stand in Brune Park School. Its success led to considerable interest and flurry of activity with the aim to create a Gosport version, sadly the first lesson learnt was, that setting up something like a Gang Show, was slightly more complicated than first thought.

There was plenty of enthusiasm but the search for personnel with the specialist skills, and the creation of a team that could lead the project was to test that enthusiasm to the limit.

to be continued ....


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